Overview Weekend November 11/12

In this article: Valuch, Stankevicius, Sriram, Shamruk, Janev

Young Slovakian MNC player Alexander Valuch was unfortunately the only player of TTC OE Bad Homburg losing his match in 2 Bundesliga against former famous Bundesliga Team of TTC Frickenhausen. Valuch lost against young Japanese player Hibiki Tazoe 0-3. Nevertheless, single results of Valuch in league remains positive with 5-3 wins. More about the match


No successful matches for MNCs Medardas Stankevicius and Sushmit Sriram in team of TV Leiselheim in 3 Bundesliga South last weekend. Team lost his home match against Weinheim at the end 3-6. Medardas Stankevicius showed good performance in first single match against Croatian Filip Cipin who he beat 3-1. But this should be only win from Stankevicius and Sriram on this day. Stankevicius lost second match against Dragan Subotic 1-3. Sriram lost against Subotic 1-3 and Cipin by mischance 2-3.  More about the match


Easy Job to do this weekend for MNC player Gleb Shamruk and his Team of SVH Kassel in Oberliga Hessen (League 5). Team won 9-2 against team of Münster and Gleb Shamruk celebrated to 3-0 victories in single Matches against Defender Markus Land and former women national team coach Tobias Beck. More about the match


I am glad to report that weekend was very good for Bulgarian MNC player Viktor Janev. Young bulgarian, who already plays second season for club of Leiselheim in Oberliga Südwest (League 5), was ranked on Position 2 in team in match against second team of TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau. Yanev won against Schwickert 3-1 and team of Leiselheim without any problems 9-1. In second team match of the Weekend against TVB Nassau, Yanev was again regularly ranked on Position 3 in tea. He sensationally won his double with partner Christian Kaufhold against Georg Böhm, former German table tennis champion, and Novotny 3-2. Yanev continued playing his best table tennis also in both single matches against Novotny and Werschkun as he won both matches quite clearly. More about the match


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