Overview Weekend October 14/15 - Valuch and Sriram remains unbeaten in Bundesliga


In this article: Valuch, Sriram, Stankevicius, Jendrzejewski, Gleb, Rybka, Wandachowicz


Young Slovakian player Alexander Valuch was key player for his team Ober-Erlenbach in 2 Bundesliga against Borussia Dortmund (5-5). Valuch was the only player in team winning two single matches against well-experienced Hermann Mühlbach (3-2) and German youngster Gerrit Engemann (3-0). More about the match


The same applies to Medardas Stankevicius and Sushmit Sriram in team of TV Leiselheim in 3 Bundesliga. Both players were unbeaten in their matches against Bohumil Vozicky and Jakub Figel. For young Lithuanian player Stankevicius it has been first successful matches, Sriram remains still unbeaten in all single matches in season 2017/2018. Medardas/Sriram further were successful as a combination in double match. More about the match



Polish MNC player Paryk Jendzrzejewski is still in excellent shape for his team of TTV Stadtallendorf in Regionalliga West (League 4). Although he faced his first defeat in a single match this season against former European Team Champion Evgenyi Chetinine, Jendrzejewski won his match against Minh Tran Le (3-1). More about the match


In Oberliga Hessen, MNC player Shamruk Gleb celebrates first team points with his new team of SVH Kassel. In match against second team of Ober-Erlenbach, the young player from Belarus beat Dennis Haberle (3-0) as well as Björn Hampl (3-0), son of National U23 coach Helmut Hampl. More about the match


A successful weekend is also reported for Ukrainian MNC player Oleksii Rybka. Having had some problems in first matches for his new club SC Geltow in Oberliga Nord-Ost, Rybka now come back to his usual performance level. On the weekend he gains two more wins in single matches by beating Dr. Schmidt (3-0) and Emil Madsen (3-2). Team of Geltow, which is new in Oberliga, is now ranked on position 2 in League. More about the match


Polish MNC player Jacek Wandachowicz had a hard weekend with strong opponents. In match of his new team Aufbau Altenburg against Dresden in Oberliga Mitte, he faced young German player Benno Oehme and South American player Arcila Orozco. Nevertheless, Wandachowicz played very well this day and beat Oehme without having any serious problems (3-0). Unfortunately he had no chance against Arcila Orozco (0-3). At the end, Altenburg got first team point (8-8). More about the match



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