MNC player David Karas confirmed good performance also in second team match


MNC player David Karas again confirmed that he belongs to best players in league 6 in Hessen.


In match against Heppenheim, who is one of the big favorites in Hessenliga, Karas faced two of the best players in League, Slovakian Jozef Kovalik and German Timo Freund.


Karas had some problems wit Kovalik in the beginning losing first set. Starting at second set he played more and more powerful and kept hold of the match winning at the end 11-7, 11-5, 11-7.


Nearly the same procedure in second match against Timo Freund. Karas won first set and lost second one. Nevertheless, he improved in sets 3 and 4 winning 11-7 and 11-3.


Some kind of strange situation at last double match. Karas and his partner Timo Gass lost first two sets very closely before winning set 3 by 11-0. But set 4 was won again by Heppenheim double.


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