MNC player Sushmit Sriram with good debut for new club of TV Leiselheim in League 3

MNC player Sushmit Sriram from India celebrated two wins in his first match in dress of TV Leiselheim in 3 Bundesliga South in Germany.


Unfortunately team of Leiselheim including second MNC player Medardas Stanekvicius from Lithuania lost match against FC Bayern Munich at the end with 4-6.


Both MNC Players, Sriram and Stankevicius, played on first table.  In first round of single matches, Sriram was on the table against Florian Schreiner. After having lost first set, Sriram got stronger and stronger and won next three sets by 11-9, 11-6, 11-7. At the same time Stankevicius lost against Dr. Plattner 0-3.


In second round of single matches, Stankevicius lost against Schreiner 0-3 whereas Sriram won a close match vs Plattner 3-1.


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