MNCs Denis Vakulenko and Rivo Saaremae lead Groß-Rohrheim to a successful start in season

MNCs Denis Vakulenko and Rivo Saaramae save wins for new club of TTC Groß-Rohrheim in League 8.

Ukrainian player Denis Vakulenko and Estonian player Rivo Saaramae, who took part in European Team Championships only a few days Abo, have lead their new club of TTC Groß-Rohrheim to two match wins on the weekend.

In match against Bürstadt, Vakulenko/Saaramae defeated Nr 1 double of Bürstadt by 3-0. While Saaramae also gained a victory in his first single match, Vakulenko lost 2-3 in a very tight match against Rosenberger. In second round of single matches Vakulenko as well as Saaramae overwhelmed opponents without any problems and therewith remarked starting 9-5 victory of the Team.

One day later both MNC players, Vakulenko and Saaramae, remained unbeaten in match against Langen II. Groß-Rohrheim at the end won 9-3. Vakulenko and Saaramae contributed two single points each as well as one double point to the result.


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Mynewclub very warmly congratulates Denis und Rivo for a successful debut at new club!  


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