MNC David Karas beat Marc Rode at premiere match for new club TV Dreieichenhain in Hessenliga

Congrats to Hungarian Player David Karas for very successful debut at new Club TV Dreieichenhain in Hessenliga Süd/West.


Karas won double match at position 1 with new partner Timo Gass 3-0. With same result Karas won his first single match without having any problems against Nr 2 Benjamin Schulte-Mattler.


In match against Nr 1 player Marco Rode, who is currently ranked at position 106 in Germany, Karas was already behind 0-2 sets. But Karas came back into the match winning 11-9, 11-8 and 11-9.


For more match Information please click here.


Mynewclub congratulates David for a successful debut at new club!  


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